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Welcome to SmartyCMS!


SmartyCMS is a very easy to use PHP-Framework for developers

to create editable websites same as a content management system.


SmartyCMS is OpenSource and complete free to use.
Hosted on SourceForge www.sourceforge.net.


It is very easy to install just only copy files to webserver. Needs no

configuration and no database.


SmartyCMS use Smarty Template Engine www.smarty.net

to manage html templates.



Product higlights:

  • TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor integrated
  • AJAX Technologie integrated
  • Smarty-Template Engine integrated
  • Dynamic GUI-Controls integrated
  • very simple installation (only copy to webspace)
  • running without Database
  • very fast ajax gzip loader for javascript files
  • on-the-fly javascript code compressor
  • flexible Database integration concept
  • code separation from view (MVC)
  • easy integration at own projects
  • based on open source components
  • expandable by modules,plugins,controller,templatehandler
  • works with PHP4 and PHP5
  • OpenSource LGPL-License (commercial free to use)

Try Demo to show how SmartyCMS works.


Have fun

Robert Gies


Download SmartyCMS 

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